Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day!

I love snow days!  I love getting to sleep in and the extra time with my son!  However, my house does not love snow days.  Wednesdays are usually my day to catch up on house cleaning and organizing, but instead I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with my family (fun-shaped pancakes) and then visited some friends who live about a mile away and went to lunch with my husband while the kids stayed and played at their house.  Today I am remembering that although I love a clean house, I love my kids more and it's important to build fun memories with them whenever the opportunities present themselves before it's too late and they don't want to hang out with us anymore.  Our son, who recently turned 7, is already starting to choose hanging out with his friends over doing things with us whenever it is an option.  It won't be long and I'll miss all these times.  In the meantime, I'd better go finish the laundry and figure out what I'm making for dinner while both of my kids are taking a nap.  I hope you all are having an enjoyable day too!

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