Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm sorry!

I want to apologize for missing quite a few posts recently.  I called last week to make an appointment with my doctor because I have been extremely tired (even though I've been sleeping more than usual) and having some strange episodes of confusion lately.  I'm hoping it's just a problem with my thyroid, since those are two of the common side effects and after pregnancy you are at a higher risk for thyroid dysfunction.  Unfortunately for me, my doctor is on vacation for 2 weeks so it will be the middle of March before he can see me.  Hopefully I'll get some answers then and get back to feeling like myself.  Spring Break is next week and I'm looking forward to it to hopefully have some time to relax.  I got very lucky that my school and the school I teach at have the same break this year so I don't have anything to worry about during that time.

On a good note, I'll recap some of our recent family accomplishments...  Our son finished his main wrestling season.  He didn't make it to states but placed 5th at regionals, which is really good for a first year wrestler.  We are so proud of him!  He still has 3 more tournaments to go for a different league but even if he doesn't do as well as he hopes at those, at least he has found his new favorite sport.  :)  Our daughter (who turned 9 months old yesterday), is now crawling all over the place and started to pull herself up on furniture.  Yesterday was the first time I'd seen her try to stand up, but my husband was off work all last week and said he saw her doing it then.  She also got 4 new teeth in the past week as well, so he had his hands full while I was very busy with work and school.  My husband is busy studying for his upcoming fire exam and I just keep praying he does well because he is very nervous.

Thanks for all of your understanding as I have not been keeping up my blog very well!  I hope you still enjoy reading when I am able to post.  :)

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