Monday, February 6, 2012

No, I don't actually live in my car...

So, this post is a day later than I had planned, but I literally have not been home long enough to type anything, only long enough to sleep the past few days.  Friday we headed up north for my son's wrestling meet.  We would have been home around 5 pm on Saturday afterwards, but we ended up hanging out at some friends' house when we dropped off their daughter who rode home with us.  It was about 7:30 pm by the time we arrived home, with our son's friend in tow, and we were surprised to find a new 43" tv and entertainment center to match in our house when we arrived.  (My parents and grandpa had bought it for us!  Thank you!!!)  By the time we got that set up I was worn out and went straight to bed while my husband and the boys stayed up to watch some pay-per-view fight they ordered.  We went to church the next morning and then stayed afterwards for the potluck and helped clean up after that.  We were planning to be home by noon but didn't get home until about 1:45 pm and had to leave my 2:30 to go to our new friend's Superbowl party so we could meet her husband.  As we rushed around to make our food to take, my mom showed up for an unexpected visit.  We dashed out the door about 10 minutes late but luckily the drive was shorter than we thought so we still arrived on time.  When we got back home, we realized that our son's friend had left his favorite stuffed animal at our house so we thought we would take it back really quick (they only live about 2 miles from us), but we ended up staying until about 10:30 pm.  We would have stayed longer but I told my husband I had to be up at 4:30 am and I was leaving so I could get a little sleep.  I was up and at it early this morning, teaching clinical all day, and then we had a meeting with our financial planner late this afternoon.  We finally made it home for a quick spaghetti dinner and now I am typing this before getting started on my paper that's due tomorrow.  The topic is stress.  Do you think my professor would accept a copy of this blog as enough proof that I can define stress?!? 

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