Sunday, January 29, 2012

Money Well Spent

Lunch for 2 at a "fancy" restaurant - $20
2 Movie Tickets to Beauty & The Beast in 3D - $20
Popcorn, Pop, & Candy - $10
Awesome day with my son.....  Priceless!

So, ever since my son saw the previews for Beauty and The Beast in 3D, he really wanted to go.  Since I also loved that movie when I was younger, I promised him we would go together.  With wrestling taking up pretty much all of our weekends, today was the first chance we've had to go.  After church, my husband and daughter headed home to take a nap while my son and I headed out for our "date".  First we went and ate Chinese for lunch, since we both love it but my husband doesn't like it at all.  He said the restaurant was "probably the fanciest one he'd ever been too" because "they have real napkins on the tables".  Then, we went to the movie.  We both enjoyed it (even though our regular glasses make it hard to use the 3D ones the theater provide) and had fun quoting some of our favorite lines on the way home.  After that, we went to Walmart to let him use a gift card he had gotten for his birthday.  Seeing the excitement on his face when he realized it was his money to spend on whatever he wanted made my day.  It is rare lately that he and I are able to spend time hanging out, since wrestling takes up a lot of his time and most of my time is spent taking care of the baby or keeping up on household tasks.  I had forgot how much I enjoyed it being just the two of us and how much fun we can have together.  My new goal for the year is to spend some one-on-one time with him at least once a month.  I am afraid I only have a few years left before it will become uncool to hang out with his mom and I want to enjoy this time as much as I can.  On Friday, I was saddened to hear about an old friend who's new baby son is in NICU and hanging on but not doing very well at all and have been frequently in prayer for them.  That was just the reminder I needed to commit to this time with Seth today.  We never know what tomorrow brings so we need to enjoy the time we do have with our loved ones right now.

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