Friday, January 27, 2012

Fatigued Friday

So, I had the best intentions for getting things done today, but I succeed at very few of my plans.  I just drank a cup of coffee after finally getting out of my pajamas just before 3 pm, so maybe the motivation will kick in shortly (as soon as the caffeine starts to work)... 

On a good note, after teaching yesterday, I went grocery shopping.  I scored some really good deals by combining coupons and sales: free Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds (my husband's favorite cereal), Oscar Meyer Carving Board meats for $1, and 3 large containers for Enfamil formula for $35 to name a few.  I may not have gotten home until after 10 pm but it was well worth it to at least not have to leave the house today.  I was even more glad I didn't have anywhere to go today when my son's school got cancelled due to bad road conditions.  Shopping with the baby is difficult at times, but shopping with a hyper 6 year old can be down right frustrating. 

When I'm done with this, I need to get started making banana bread I've been putting off (the butter is softened and we actually have the eggs in the house after grocery shopping, so there is no excuse not to)  I also need to get working on some dinners for our meal exchange.  A friend of mine, who has a baby around the same age as mine and also works and goes to school, suggested that we do this and it's worked out great.  Every other week, we exchange 2 to 4 different meals (depending on our schedules for the week).  Then we just pop them in the freezer and use them as we need.  I don't know why we didn't start doing this sooner!  They have been a real sanity-saver on a few different occasions and we get to try different foods that I normally wouldn't make.  If you can find a willing friend, I would suggest doing something similar.  It's amazing how easy it is to double a recipe you are already making and in exchange, once or twice a week you don't have to deal with the "What's for dinner?" dilemma.

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