Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yes, I'm becoming "that mom"...

Sunday night, we had the Young Adult's class from church over for our monthly dinner and a movie night.  As I was getting our son ready for bed he asked how he was getting to school in the morning, which is a regular question in our house considering our schedule is always changing.  (That is until next week anyways, when my husband and I are finally both on a regular daytime schedule.  Hooray!)  While I was trying to remember what the plan was for Monday morning, one of the ladies in the group commented that she thought her younger siblings, who are still in school, had the day off.  I decide to look at the lunch menu hanging on the fridge, and low and behold, she was right!  Students were off school for teacher records day.  Luckily for us we have a very understanding daycare provider.  Since we already let her know our daughter would be coming early in the morning, it would be no problem for my husband to take our son as well.  Crisis (barely) averted!

Lesson of the day:  There is no point in putting things on the calendar if you don't actually check it daily.

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